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Buy codeine phosphate 30mg ,codeine phosphate syrup, promethazine hydrochloride codeine, codeine phosphate 30mg, Buy codeine phosphate online .This treatment is a strong painkiller, belonging to the opioid category of analgesics. It is designated for cases of moderate to severe pain. This might be post-operative discomfort, or pain related to an injury or chronic condition.This medicine is most commonly used in situations where paracetamol or other mild forms of pain relief have not succeeded (or are not likely to). Codeine has also been issued to treat severe coughs and diarrhea.

In addition, this medication acts as a mild sedative, allowing the user to feel more relaxed. As this medication is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly, pain relief will be provided to the user rapidly and effectively.

codeine phosphate 30mg

It is recommended that patients begin by taking a lower codeine dosage at first, which can then be adjusted according to the nature and severity of the person’s pain. For the most effective results, users should carefully follow the usage directions.

The codeine dosage depends on the nature of the user’s needs. Most adults take a dosage of 15 mg to 60 mg every four hours for general pain. To aid coughing, it is recommended that one takes 10 mg to 20 mg every four to six hours, and 30 mg to 60 mg every four to six hours for diarrhoea. Patients should not exceed 240 mg per day.

As this medication is available in various dosages, patients will be able to find a dose that is appropriate for their type and severity of pain. codeine phosphate syrup

Buy codeine phosphate

Although codeine tablets tend to be taken as needed, it is recommended that users put a routine in place where they follow dosage directions properly. Patients should begin taking these tablets at the lowest possible dosage, and should gradually taper off the tablets as opposed to stopping treatment at once.

Codeine tablets should take effect within one hour of taking the medication, and these effects should last for between three and four hours. Patients should not take this medication for longer than three successive weeks, after which time they should seek new treatment. Tablets can be taken irrespective of food, but should be swallowed whole with water to allow for proper absorption. codeine phosphate syrup

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